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Montessori Magnet School

The Learning Corridor
1460 Broad Street
Hartford, CT 06106
Tel: (860) 757-6100
Fax: (860) 757-6144  

Antonio Napoleone, Principal
[email protected]

Jessica Leon, Assistant Principal
[email protected]

Yomarie Soler-Velez, Administrative Assistant 
[email protected]

Jeserika Figueroa, Office Assistant
[email protected]

Yesenia Rivera-Ortiz
Family and Community Engagement Specialist

Laurie Campiformio
Montessori Pedagogical Theme Coach
[email protected]

Support Staff
Amy Martin, Social Worker 860-757-6140 [email protected]
Shauna Landrigan, Social Worker 860-757-6162  [email protected]
Ashley Smith, Special Education Teacher 860-757-6106 [email protected]
Michelle Mullen, Special Education Teacher [email protected]
Chelsea Corthouts, Special Education Teacher [email protected]

Heather Mahler, Literacy Coach 860-757-6113 [email protected]
Beth DelBuono Speech/Language Pathologist - 860-757-6121
Julianne Smith Speech/Language Pathologist 860-757-6121 [email protected]
Sharon Benitez, EL 860-757-6132 - [email protected]
Saray Solet, EL, 860-757-6132 [email protected]
Wanda Miller, Nurse 860-757-6109 [email protected]

Special Area Teachers
Jill Reid, Library/Media-860-757-6123 [email protected]
Kristen Benoit, Music 860-757-6105 [email protected]
Lauren Castro,  Art  860-757-6103 [email protected]
Kristen Rinas, PE 860-757-6110 [email protected]
Heather Sutkowski, Computer Science 860-757-6116 - [email protected]

Primary Teachers
Tracy Bernard - 860-757-6120 [email protected]
Sandy Santana  860-757-6119 [email protected]
Claudette Rose 860-757-6126 [email protected]
Lyndsey Russell 860-757-6122 [email protected]
Megan Jones 860-757-6124 [email protected]

Lower Elementary Teachers
Joseph Aparicio 860-757-6125 [email protected]
Allison Bianchi 860-757-6131 [email protected]
Lisa Jordan 860-757-6118 [email protected]
Tiffany Ennever 860-757-6130 [email protected]
Brigit Rioual 860-757-6133 [email protected]

Upper Elementary Teachers
Shevon Hickey 860-757-6135 [email protected]
Amanda Saucier 860-757-6136 [email protected]
Kaelin Hester 860-757-6137 [email protected]
Foday Dumbuya 860-757-6134 [email protected]

After School Enrichment Program Staff
Marcus Harris, Director 860-757-6127 [email protected]
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