Parent Resources


We value each child's participation in family life, which is why homework is daily but minimal in the Montessori program. This is not to say they should go home each afternoon to watch television. They should have books to read, outdoor play, lessons in sports and the arts, and other healthy choices. Each child should read and/or be read to each night and participation in the “Read a Million Minutes” challenge is expected. Homework will be meaningful and individualized to meet the needs of each Montessori child.

Field Trips and "Going Out"

Exploration of areas of study related to community resources, such as a planetarium, science center, museum, factory, hospital, etc., provides an inclusive approach to education that fosters a feeling of connectedness in the child's world. The elementary students are developmentally prepared for this type of learning. "Going out" experiences are a vital component of the Elementary Program. Primary children experience the classroom as their world and going out experiences are not a common occurrence in a primary classroom. Going out activities for this age group are encouraged as family activities.

Before and After School

The school provides both before and after care services at a modest additional cost. Before school care is from 7:30 a.m. -7:55 a.m. and is handled on a drop-in basis. Parents accompany the child into the main office to sign him/her in prior to going to the classroom. The After School Program is provided from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. Primary students join together for extended use of Montessori materials, outside play, arts and crafts, music and social play. Elementary age students are provided choices for enrichment activities such as art, dance, karate, sports, tutorial services or science exploration. Snack and free play is part of each age group's daily schedule. You may contact to request an application.

Parent Teacher Association

CREC MMS has an active Parent Teacher Association, which meets monthly to discuss association business, and raises significant funds to support parent involvement and education at the school. Members of the CREC MMS Governance Council are elected by the PTA.

There are a growing number of electronic and print resources available about Montessori. We recommend the following titles as a starting point.

Montessori Resources

Books by Maria Montessori

  • The Absorbent Mind
  • The Secret of Childhood
  • To Educate the Human Potential

Books about Montessori

  • The Essential Montessori, Elizabeth G. Hainstock
  • Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius, Angeline Stoll Lillard
  • Montessori in the Classroom, Paula Polk Lillard
  • Montessori from the Start, Paula Polk Lillard and Lynn Jessen Lillard

Books on General Education and Child Rearing

  • Your Child's Growing Mind, Jane M. Healy
  • Failure to Connect, Jane M. Healy
  • Family Matters, Robert Evans

Follett Destiny - CREC-wide Library Catalogue