School Improvement Planning

Like all CREC schools, CREC MMS engages in a continuous cycle of school improvement. The plan itself is a living document, subject to ongoing revision and refinement, guided by a set of priorities identified annually. The School Improvement Team, led by the Principal, is comprised of district and school-based staff, as well as community members. The planning cycle occurs annually, beginning in the spring with a review of current priorities and progress. Based on that review, new goals are enumerated and strategies to meet those goals identified. Progress is monitored throughout the year and goals and strategies are revised as needed.

Priorities fall into three distinct categories: Student Achievement, School Climate, and Magnet Theme/Montessori. The priorities for the school year are:

  1. Achievement: Rigor, Relevance & Responsiveness
    • Deep focus on Literacy and Language
    • Concentrated practice in target math concepts
    • Superior interventions for struggling students
  2. School Climate: All Hands on Deck
    • Increased parent involvement
    • Becoming a team-centered school
  3. Montessori: The Prepared Environment
    • Ensuring that our environment is beautiful, safe, and respectful
    • Ensuring that our environments are optimal learning spaces for each developmental level